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Thanksgiving Dinner Served on Table

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Caribbean Holiday Menu

All prices are available here

Goat Soup (Manish Water)

Caribbean Turkey (Jerk or BBQ Jerk)

Deep Fried Turkey

Curry Goat


Curry Chicken

Jerk Chicken

Jerk Salmon

Escoveitched Snapper

Jerk Pork

Jerk Chicken Wings

Caribbean Roast Beef

Beef Short Ribs

Stuffed Salmon (w/Shrimp & Crabmeat)*

Stuffed Tilapia (w/Shrimp & Crabmeat)*

Stuffed Chicken (w/Shrimp & Crabmeat)*

* denotes crabmeat only as an option

Peaches Specialty Island Juices (Jammin Sorrel, Fresh Pineapple Ginger, Jasmine Lemonade, Raspberry Sweet Tea)

À la carte Sides
 (v) vegan

Mac & Cheese

10” Pound Cake – Rum, Rum Raisin, Butter, Lemon, Sour Cream, Chocolate Chip, Sweet Potato

Pigeon Peas & Rice (v)

Yellow Cake w/ Chocolate Icing

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Coconut Layer Cake

Cabbage & Carrots (v)

Sweet Potato w/ Caramel Cake

Collard Greens (v)

Red Velvet Cake

Maple Yams

Pumpkin Pie

Cranberry yams & spiced apples

Sweet Potato Pie

White Rice

Peach Pie

Brown Rice

Apple Pie

Red Beans & Rice

Lemon Merigue Pie


Blueberry Pie

String Beans

 Sweet Potato Caramel Pie

Broccoli with or without cheese

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